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I'm 99.9% done with my costumes. All that's left a few minor, finishing touches, but that shouldn't be too difficult to do. I'm debating whether or not I ought to cut myself some bang, given that Annie has a side-swept layer going on, and Sarah Jane's bangs are, well, Sarah Jane.

Anyway, I took some pictures of my costumes. Not with me in them because 1) you'll get a lot of that from during Dragon*Con, I'm sure, and 2) I didn't have anyone to take the pictures. They're also pretty crappy because my camera batteries were dying and I need to buy more.

Costume Pictures )
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Well, I was going to go as Alice (from Resident Evil) for my other Dragon*Con costume, but the person who was going to make the dress for me wasn't able to. Thus, change of plans, and since everyone else is going as a Doctor Who-ian, I decided to go as 70s Sarah Jane. Her outfit from Genesis of the Daleks, specifically.

- Yellow Raincoat
- Grey Hat
- Grey, Patterned Sweater
- Navy-Blue Culottes
- Navy-Blue Stockings
- Burgandy/Purple Ankle Boots
- Bang Hairpiece (maybe?)
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Since Danielle is going as Creepy Test Card Girl and Simon is going as Sam Tyler, I'm jumping the Life On Mars costume bandwagon and throwing together a WPC Annie costume. Because we'd obviously be hilarious.

- WPC Hat
- White, button-down blouse with epaulettes
- Black Crossover Tie
- Black Blazer (Single-Breasted) & Knee-Length Skirt
- Black Nylons
- Black, Basic Oxfords
- Leather Satchel


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